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About us

About us

The background of company “Ananas” from Podujeva with 90 years old tradition … Since 1930 "Ananas" starts as the company, to be turned into an enterprise in 1975 the cultivation and development product of red pepper. At the beginning drying was made in with the simple oven, after that grinding. And the final product is inserted in simple packages, and shipment and sale are made in all over Kosovo markets even in the wider region

In 1975 the current firm opened the first store in the city of Podujevo named “Ananas", which served for exhibit all   kinds of pepper.

Of course all of our enterprise work was under the laws, at that time, based on laws of Kosovo composed of former state of Yugoslavia.

Five years later in 1980, company name "Ananas" with its success managed to buy high technology machinery, for more efficient, manufacturing and packaging of all kinds of pepper, but packaging and wrapping that represent our firm “Ananas” was impossible considering the obstacles that come from authority at that time.

And the only option was the sale of our products in the Kosovo market, also in the opposite direction, also continues only on simple packing, unfortunately this continue until 1998, at that year in order of the occupation we was forced to stop manufacture

Like many other factories during the war in Kosovo, they suffered major damage, ranging from theft to burning a whole, all this was not spared either company "Ananas" which was destroyed at all, starting from the house, the factory, machinery of transport, warehouses, including the destruction of 20 tons of pepper. In year 2000 the company was re-registered as a new firm in Kosovo, with the same name "Ananas IMPEX" and after many difficulties and resuming it all works from the beginning, but with a tradition that was not destroyed ever, we started again with the production and packaging of pepper, and this in a new packaging, as never before, this time on behalf of the company and with our logo.

This way company Ananas IMPEX continued the selling and covering all shops all over, also Kosovo market as local successful manufacturer, which continue to make more commitment and the present day.

Our profucts

With nearly a century-old tradition we produce and distribute red paprika pepper and black pepper  in packs of 5 grams to 1000 grams, sweet and chilli products

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